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Kiwi Sets World Records and Other Adventures


Ford GT 

Kiwi was the first to go 235.4 miles per hour in a Ford GT at a sanctioned top speed test that occurred at Lemoore Naval Airbase. At the time no one had gone that fast in a Ford GT regardless of distance or modification.











Venom GT

On January 10th, 2013 Kiwi created a new world record while driving the Hennessey Venom GT from 0-300 kilometers per hour. He did this in 13.63 seconds in Houston, Texas smashing the previous record. This is a Guinness Book World Record which still stands today in 2018. Additionally, he set and broke the 0-200 mile per hour record at 14.51 seconds he smashed the previous record by over 3 seconds.

Race with Corvette

Kiwi set a record with a 2000 Corvette in 2002. The Corvette was modified by Lingenfelter. With Kiwi at the wheel he propelled the street legal Corvette to a 0-60 world record for a street car in 1.97 seconds. This was a fully sanctioned test by Motor Trend Magazine and it is a record that still stands today. During the test he raced against a F-18 Blue Angel fighter jet. The Corvette was faster in the 0-60 and the quarter mile after that the jet was faster.


video link



Russian Dodge Viper

Another major accomplishment was when Kiwi drove a Competition Coupe, Venom Twin Turbo, Russian Hennessey Dodge Viper a quarter mile in 8.61 seconds going 167 miles per hour.



BMW Vs. Infiniti 

BMW's 3 series has always been the best in the family-minded,       mid-sized sports coupe. But Infiniti is stepping up their game. They are racing the BMW 335against the Infiniti G37. Kiwi was driving them. In 2008 the Infiniti got a better engine. A 3.7 liter V6. It has 330 horse power and 270 foot pounds of torque. The BMW has a 3 liter inline 6 engine with twin turbo chargers and intercoolers. It has 300 horse power and has 300 foot pounds of torque. The infiniti G37 was the winner! 


The Infiniti Drive


The BMW Drive



The Maxton Mile with a Viper

At the Thirteenth annual ECTA Maxton Mile, Kiwi went for a world record in the street car division in a Hennessey Dodge Viper. The goal of the Maxton Mile is "Terminal Velocity" as Kiwi put it. "Veni vidi vici" of course, and Kiwi created a new world record.




kiwi running.jpg


Not only was Kiwi an accomplished driver, but he was also a very accomplished runner.  In 2004, he ran the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon, the Los Angeles Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC, and a Mararthon in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2005, he ran the Los Angles again, the Vancouver International Marathon, the San Francisco Marathon, and the NYC Marathon. In 2006, Kiwi ran the Houston Marathon, Silver State Marathon in Northern Nevada, the Death Valley Marathon, and the LA marathon for is 3rd time. In 2007, he ran the OC Marathon in Newport Beach, CA. The Los Angeles Marathon, St. George Marathon in Utah. Austin Marathon in Texas. In 2008, he ran the LA Marathon for his 5th time, the Chicago Marathon, and the Death Valley Marathon again. After many years of running, in 2009, KiwI decided to only run The Los Angleles Marathon again. 

Kiwi drives around the Country

While encountering fuel pump and transmission problems among other things Kiwi and his friend Tim pilot a classic 1957 Chevy 2500 miles across the USA. All of this is captured in a Motor Trend article from 2006 written and photographed by Kiwi. The blue Chevy Bel Air, with the blue interior, and the blue wheels made the trip, but not without some hesitations.  


The Motor Trend Article 

Kiwi meets Schwarzenegger

Hummer is dead to General Motors, so as a tribute, Kiwi and another photograpaher of Motor Trend, Brian Vance took a new Hummer H2 on a road trip. After driving thousands of miles, they met Governor Schwarzenegger, who made fun of their driving skills, made fun of their diet, and forced them to do pushups. 


Got to watch this!!





Hennessey Camaro

Kiwi ran a 10.82 second quarter mile in a Hennessey prepared 2013 Camaro.



The FLY NAVY Hennessey Twin Turbo Viper

In one of many landmark achievements, driven here by Kiwi during (or in the timeframe of) the Supercar Shootout  of the June 2006 Motor Trend cover story which Kiwi won, Kiwi drove this Hennessey Fly Navy Viper.


How to build a 400hp 333ci Stroker Ford Small-block

For those of you who don't know what a stroker motor is, it is a motor where you increase the size or cubic inches of an engine by changing the crankshaft; this makes the engine more powerful.


To learn how to do this Click Here 

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