Kiwi with his father infront of Kiwi's Mustang. 

Kiwi's Cheyenne pick-up truck towing his Corvette

This is Kiwi's Father's steering wheel that used to be on his 1955 Chevy, but is currently on my Father's 1955 Chevy or "double nickel" as Kiwi use to say. 

This is Kiwi inside his Mustang.

Kiwi with his son, Noah.

This is Kiwi with Noah and my Brother BB.

Baby Connor wearing a sweater that my parents got for him. The buttons are CarsHis dog is in the background. 

Baby Connor at the wheel of Kiwi's rare turbo Buick.

Kiwi's dog.

Kiwi with my dad infront of Kiwi's juke box, but then Planet of the Ape's happened.

Kiwi and my dad in the famous Apple Pan.


Kiwi in "The General Lee" at "The Dukes of Hazard" Museum.

Kiwi at Dukes of Hazard Museum with Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane

Kiwi photographing a Ford GT.

Kiwi riding his motorcycle.

Kiwi taking pictures of a 1968 Shelby GT500 KR convertible owned by his friend Bob. 

Kiwi working late. 

Kiwi in Death Valley. Hope you brought your sunscreen Kiwi! The temperature was so severe it delaminated his boot. 

Younger Kiwi on Corvette. 

Kiwi with a Ferrari Enzo.

Kiwi with a funny face coming out of his Corvette.

Kiwi taking care of business!

Kiwi infront of the "Gumball Rally" cars. A Ferrari Daytona and an original Shelby 427 Cobra.


Certificate of World Record. Kiwi is da man! 

Kiwi's 1957 Chevy that he drove on his adventure around the country for Motor Trend. 


The Motor Trend Article

Kiwi's Gumball Rally poster that he gave to my dad.

Picture that Kiwi took of Jay Leno next to a yellow Venom GT in 2011 in Jay Leno's Garage. Kiwi accompanied the car and hung out with Jay.

Kiwi's Cheyenne Pick-up with a vintage Alaskan Pop-Up Camper on it. There is a dinosaur in the background,... WATCH OUT KIWI!

Kiwi taking a selphy in the engine bay of my dad's 1968 GT/CS (California Special) 

Kiwi's 65 Mustang next to my dad's Mustang GT/CS

Kiwi's car third from the left on the top of the parking lot of the Peterson Auto Museum, Los Angeles. The event was a tribute to Carroll Shelby after his passing in 2012.

This is really interesting, these are slides from Kiwi's personal collection. Probably around 2003, Kiwi test drove and photographed this "test mule" Ford GT. The desert background leads us to believe it might be the Ford Proving Grounds in Arizona, but we can't be 100% sure. Per Kiwi, they were doing some tests of the chassis and the GT was fitted with a 5.0, not the production supercharged 5.4.

Another photo from the Peterson Auto Museum event.

Kiwi in a bat infested cave in Death Valley with former, senior, feature editor at Motor Trend, Rik Paul (blue hat). 

Kiwi and the Motor Trend Possy.


(From left to right) Members of Possy: Mike (Collinizer) Collins, Thomas (Bonedigger) Voehringer, Mark Williams, Chuck (F-Stick) Schifsky, John (Kiwi) Kiewicz, Jeff Karr, C. Van Tune, Brian Vance. 

Kiwi at play!

Kiwi and his possy at Jerry's Famous.

Kiwi with his wife Michelle and Baby Connor.

Kiwi making friends!

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Kiwi giving a speech

A screen-shot from a memorial for Kiwi on the SAAC Forum.

While shopping for souvenirs at the SAAC booth at SAAC 38 with Kiwi, we asked if they had any SAAC patches and they said "no." I was super bummed out. Kiwi, being the nice guy that he is, said he'd give me his G.T. 350 Shelby patch which I put on a hat [shown here] after returning from the convention. Thanks Kiwi! 

This is Kiwi with his daughter, Daniella while it is snowing.

This is a 2007 Saleen Parnelli Jones limited edition Ford Mustang along with an original 1970 Mustang Boss 302. Kiwi did not drive these cars, but he did take these photographs. Pretty awesome!

Kiwi showing some uninformed people how to convert a gas dryer from natural gas to propane.


Here is Kiwi's daughter, Daniella, and his son, Noah. They are sitting on a bench located in Carson City, Nevada where Kiwi grew up. On the bench you can see that there is a memorial plaque dedicating the bench to Kiwi and his family.

2015 Lantern Floating Hawaii

This is Kiwi's Brother, Michael who made a lantern for the 17th Annual Lantern Floating Hawaii, which is a ceremony honoring peoples loved ones.  It is held on Memorial Day and is sponsored by the local people involved with Shinnyo Buddhism. Thousands of people are present and the lanterns light up the beach as the night falls on the area. This wonderful event is an opportunity for loved ones to say goodbye to those that they love and miss dearly. We miss you Kiwi!

Lanterns floating in the ocean. Thousands of lanterns are created for this event. You can see how they illuminate the water.

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