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His Cars

Kiwi had many cars including a '66 Chevy Nova, a '65 Mustang, a '69 Corvette, and a '71 Chevy Cheyenne pick-up truck.

1966 Chevy Nova SS

Kiwi's Nova was born with a 283 engine and a 4-speed. It is blue with a blue interior. An image of it appeared on the cover of Car Craft Magazine, and that is him on the cover working on it. At the time of his passing, he had fitted it with a modern motor, but he retained the old one. 

1965 Mustang Fastback
Kiwi's Mustang was transformed into a near exact replica of a 1965 Shelby. This was accomplished by adding correct wheels, exhaust, hood, interior, and various engine components including a correct 715 LEMANS carburetor and light weight aluminum intake to name a few. When Kiwi bought his Mustang it already had the correct Shelby striping. 


1969 Corvette
Kiwi's 'vette has an L71 427 motor. It is Daytona yellow with a black interior and is 4-speed. It is a very rare factory side pipe car. It has three carburetors and was authenticated by two NCRS, national Corvette judges. In 2011 Kiwi bought it from his friend, Bill. It was in the process of being restored when he passed away, and it is now fully restored and with its new owner in Japan.


1971 Chevy Cheyenne
Kiwi's Cheyenne pick-up is citrus green, automatic, and it has a bench seat. It is nearly identical to the one his dad, Ed bought brand new and still has. It has a 383 stroker. The truck is now owned by Kiwi's friend, Bill.
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